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Safety and Pride are equal partners, PRIDE is disciplining yourself to do what you know is right and important, although difficult, it is the highroad to self-esteem, and personal satisfaction. When done correctly it is the Pride we feel as Professional railroaders. PRIDE in our work, PRIDE in doing the right thing, PRIDE in 100 % rules compliance, and PRIDE in working safely. These things develop the PRIDE in being a professional railroader.

Being a railroader takes many hours of hard work and dedication, there are numerous rules, regulations, policies, governing bodies, and customer demands that we need to comply with, understand, and perform just to move a single rail car. It’s not a job for everyone, nor one everyone can do. That alone may be the reason we feel so PROUD to be a railroader and the work we do every day. Safety does not have a switch that you can turn on or off you must incorporate a safety first attitude, it needs to be your way of life. If you have PRIDE in doing it right and going home in the same condition you arrived at work; safety will be a habit that you cannot circumvent. We need to focus on the moment and work each and every day, treating it equally as important as the next, working safely without injury or incident one day at the time. We did it yesterday, we are doing it today and I fully believe that we will do it tomorrow.

One of my goals is to drive the attitude of safety and have each individual demonstrate that Safety is a Way of Life. A positive safety first attitude is necessary to create the atmosphere where each decision we make is governed by rule compliance and performing every task safely. As with any attitude, positive or negative, it can spread and infect those around us in all facets of our life. A person with a positive safety attitude does not hang it up a t the door at work, home, or on vacation. A favorite quote I use was found hanging in an office and sums it up rather well “Attitudes are contagious, is your worth catching”.

To have a great safety attitude you must make it YOUR way of life and except no less of those around you. As we move forward please take the time to look in the mirror and ask “Is my safety Attitude worth catching?” and “What will I do going forward to ensure we all reach our goal of finishing our career Accident and Injury free.

Ken Mannka

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Ken Mannka
Director of Safety

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